"Sociopath" by JOSEPH LEONARD "AKA" JOE ZAZA /EVON JOHNSTON, released 1 May 2007- There are things in this life that you can't un-see, so proceed only if you're ready to enter the violent vault OF A SOCIOPATH BRAIN They get down to the subatomic particles and their world is now very abstract. They’re like abstract painters in a way why your brain says yes to “THE ONE”that who will make your life hell and madness! Who's this mysterious character that comes through and always attempt to hurt or harass other people.“I learned that just beneath the surface there’s another world, and still different worlds as you dig deeper,” they are Running wild on a reckless journey,and that’s what separates her from anyone who opens this strange door.” this shit Does not make sense? Hell no! But it's fun as fuck ! This short romantic music video here which shows that the only thing that's madder than MadMax is a SOCIOPATH. Use it.


"Dreaming is a bit boring though"

"Dreaming is a bit boring though b/w Acid Dreaming by JOSEPH LEONARD "AKA" JOE ZAZA /EVON JOHNSTON, released 1 May 2019 1."Dreaming is a bit boring though Acid Dreaming-LSD use can help you to having healthy sleep patterns,And when this wears off, you are going to fall back asleep, and all that will appear in your daily dream life are swirling bits of remembrances of being truly awake.

"Childhood is a Mystery" 

Childhood is a Mystery-by JOSEPH LEONARD "AKA" JOE ZAZA /EVON JOHNSTON, released 12 May 2019   The idea that people are born and reborn―that we all have had past live s A fear of water may indicate past-life trauma, for example what is you were a worm placed in soil soaked with a simulated acid rain Those who believe in reincarnation say clues about our past lives can be found in our dreams, our bodies, and our souls. CHOOSEDEATHSOCIETY



SWEATSHOP WORKER"-by JOSEPH LEONARD "AKA" JOE ZAZA /EVON JOHNSTON, released 12 May 2019 there are times in my life i live the life of the poor Asian sweatshop worker sewing things ? this is a spiritual thing, or a religious experience However recently Ive had precognative dreams I was Sewing and Knitting Themed Fabric ... (where it came from I didn't and don't know), appeared in the present, frame by frame, and curved outwards and disappeared into the same abyss, in the opposite direction.



The reason writing about your life is important is because you have a story. You have something worth sharing that can actually change the lives of others The Bible tells us that God's people can perish for having lack of knowledge – and not having the right kind of knowledge to fully understand . The story ends in disappointment for the young man Tony Aprea age 64 who has, we suspect, had things come easy in his life: Jesus said to him, “If you wish to be perfect, go, sell your self .